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Amy has used mindfulness practices over the past twenty years both professionally and personally to help with stress, grief, sadness, anxiety, and feeling overwhelmed in life.

After stepping onto her first yoga mat in 2003, while attending anesthesia school at the University of Pittsburgh, Amy felt the calming effects that countered stress.  Through the years following graduate school, she revisited yoga off and on, always noticing the benefits.

By 2015, Amy was feeling burned out in her role as a CRNA (nurse anesthetist).  She had thoughts of leaving a job she once loved.

Amy misses her family in the Portland, Maine area (where she was born and raised) as well as lobster bakes and the smell of the sweet ocean air. She is always trying to learn something new whether it is how to simplify life, complete a business course, or live a healthier lifestyle.

Amy also enjoys traveling, skiing, sit-down family meals most nights, and cooks Paleo inspired meals with varying degrees of success.

Since then, Amy has continued her studies with Jillian Pransky and Tari Prinster earning her Restorative Yoga and Yoga4Cancer certifications.  Also, she has taught in multiple yoga studios in Washington County, PA and is the Founder of Pause to Remember, a community for healthcare providers grieving after pregnancy or infant loss.

Off the mat, Amy currently resides in Washington, PA with her husband, son, and little dog, Coco.  She is a homeschooling mother, part-time CRNA, and loves sharing yoga in-person.

Fortunately, Amy complete a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course in both 2015 and 2016.  It had a significant impact.

Who would have thought an eight-week course about meditation, yoga, and other informal mindfulness practices course could save a career in anesthesia?  Well, for Amy, it did.

Little did Amy know the personal value of her practice until her daughter, Anna Grace, was stillborn in September 2016. Amy could cry on her yoga mat and be present with difficult emotions, like sadness, anger, and anxiety, in her meditation practice.

In 2017, wanting to dive deeper into yoga, Amy completed her 200-hour yoga certification through South Hills Power Yoga. 

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